Manually assigning relays to existing clients

You might want to manually specify exactly which clients must connect to which relay.

You can do this by performing the following steps:

  1. Start the Console and select the BigFix Management Domain. From the Computer Management folder, click Computers to see a list of clients in the list panel.
  2. Select the set of computers you want to attach to a particular Relay.
  3. Right-click this highlighted set and choose Edit Computer Settings from the pop-up menu. As with creating the relays (above), the dialog boxes are slightly different if you selected one or multiple computers.
  4. Check the box labeled Primary Relay and then select a computer name from the drop-down list of available Relay servers.
  5. Similarly, you can assign a Secondary Relay, which will be the backup whenever the Primary Relay Server is unavailable for any reason.
  6. Click OK .