BigFix aims to solve the increasingly complex problem of keeping your critical systems updated, compatible, and free of security issues. It uses patented Fixlet technology to identify vulnerable computers in your enterprise. With just a few mouse-clicks you can remediate them across your entire network from a central console.

Fixlets are powerful, flexible, and easily customized. Using Fixlet technology, you can:

  • Analyze vulnerabilities (patched or insecure configurations)
  • Easily and automatically remediate all your networked endpoints
  • Establish and enforce configuration policies across your entire network
  • Distribute and update software packages
  • View, modify, and audit properties of your networked client computers

Fixlet technology allows you to analyze the status of configurations, vulnerabilities, and inventories across your entire enterprise and then enforce policies automatically in near realtime. In addition, administrators can create or customize their own Fixlet solutions and tasks to suit their specific network needs.

BigFix is easy to install and has built-in public and private-key encryption technology to ensure the authenticity of Fixlets and actions. It grants you maximum power as the administrator, with a minimal impact on network traffic and computer resources. BigFix can handle hundreds of thousands of computers in networks spanning the globe.

When installed, you can easily keep your networked computers correctly configured, updated, and patched, all from a central console. You can track the progress of each computer as updates or configuration policies are applied, making it easy to see the level of compliance across your entire enterprise. In addition to downloads and security patches, you can also examine your managed computers by specific attributes, allowing you to group them for action deployments, ongoing policies, or asset management. You can log the results to keep an audit trail and chart your overall activity with a convenient web-based reporting program.