Console requirements

For details about the console requirements, see BigFix Support Matrix.

The BigFix console can be installed on a laptop or any moderately-powerful computer. However, as the number of computers that you are managing with the console increases, you might need a more powerful computer.

The BigFix console also requires a high bandwidth connection (LAN speeds work best) to the server due to the amount of data that needs to be transferred to the console. If you need to remotely connect to the server across a slow bandwidth connection, it is recommended that you use a remote control connection to a computer (such as a Citrix server or Terminal Services computer) with a high-speed connection to the Server.

Contact your support technician for more information about console scaling requirements.

Note: The console is the primary interface to BigFix and manages a great deal of information about the clients. If the console computers are underpowered or on a slow connection, it can adversely impact performance.