Switching the master server on Linux systems

By default, server 0 (zero) is the master server.

If you want to modify the master server ID using the BigFix Administration Tool, perform these steps:
  1. Modify the actual value for the master server ID to, for example, 3 by running the command:
    /opt/BESServer/bin/BESAdmin.sh -setadvancedoptions -sitePvkLocation=<path+license.pvk> -update masterDatabaseServerID=3
  2. You can verify the value by running the command:
    /opt/BESServer/bin/BESAdmin.sh -setadvancedoptions -sitePvkLocation=<path+license.pvk> -display

After the value has successfully replicated to the new server, it becomes the master server. If a server suffers a failure while it is the master, you cannot use the BigFix Administration Tool, instead you can use the following alternative procedure:

To switch the master to another server, set the deployment option masterDatabaseServerID to the other server ID as follows:

  1. From the /opt/BESServer/bin command prompt, start the command line:
    ./iem login --server=servername:serverport --user=username --password=password
  2. From the /opt/BESServer/bin command prompt, run the following command:
     ./iem get admin/fields > /tmp/switchmaster.xml
  3. In the /tmp/switchmaster.xml file, created previously during step 2, add or edit the following keyword and its value:
    to switch the master server to another master server, in this example with ID 3:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <BESAPI xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" 
  4. Run the following command to modify the value:
    ./iem post /tmp/switchmaster.xml admin/fields