Upgrade prerequisite checks

The following prerequisite checks are automatically run by the upgrade procedure on the BigFix Server.

If any of these checks fails, the upgrade does not start and the procedure exits with an error message. You can rerun the upgrade after you ensure that all the condition that failed is satisfied. The upgrade procedure checks that:
  • The size of the Upload Manager Buffer Directory and the number of files that it contains do not exceed the 90% of the values that are specified in the following settings:
    If the check fails: Fix the issue by running the following Fixlets available in the BES Support site, and then rerun the upgrade:
    2695: WARNING: Upload Manager Directory exceeds file max number - BES Server
    2696: WARNING: Upload Manager Directory Full - BES Server
  • The site names listed in the following columns of the database contain only ASCII characters:

    If the check fails: Rename the site names and fix the content referencing them.

  • The size of the data related to custom content and actions contained in the ACTION_DEFS.Fields and LOCAL_OBJECT_DEFS.Fields fields does not exceed the maximum size allowed in the new database schema.

    If the check fails: Shorten the exceeding data length.

  • The VARGRAPHIC fields in the database do not exceed the maximum size after transcoding.

    If the check fails: Follow the instructions provided in the error message returned by the upgrade procedure. Depending on how critical the failure is, you might be requested to reduce the content of the fields as required before rerunning the upgrade, or to run the BigFix upgrade in two steps, to V9.5.4 first, and then to V9.5.5.

  • The table spaces hosting the following tables have enough disk space available to store the WebUI indexes:

    If the check fails: Move the tables to USERSPACE1. For information about how to accomplish this task, see https://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/en/SSEPGG_10.5.0/com.ibm.db2.luw.sql.rtn.doc/doc/r0055069.html.

  • The number of rows contained in the DBINFO database table does not exceed one.

    If the check fails: Remove the unnecessary rows from the table.

If you are in a DSA environment and any of the prerequisite checks fails on the primary server, which is the first one to be upgraded, run these steps:
  1. Run the needed corrective actions on the primary server.
  2. Wait for a full replica on the secondary servers to ensure that the same corrective actions are applied to their databases as well.
  3. After the full replica completes, rerun the upgrade on the primary server and then on the secondary servers.