Logging Cleanup Tasks Activities

You can run the cleanup tasks, on the BigFix Server.

On Windows systems:
From the Clean Up tab of the BigFix Administration Tool, or from the command line using the BESAdmin.exe program as described in Additional administration commands.
On Linux systems:
From the command line using the BESAdmin.sh bash shell script as described in Running the BigFix Administration Tool.
By default the information about the processing of the cleanup tasks is logged in the following files:
  • /var/log/BESTools.log on Linux systems.
  • C:\Program Files (x86)\BigFix Enterprise\BES Server\BESTools.log on Windows systems.
and the maximum size of the log file is 5 MB. When the size exceeds that value the log file rotates.
Note: The BESTools.log file was introduced with BigFix Version 9.5 Patch 5.

You can use the configuration settings _BESTools_Logging_LogPath and _BESTools_Logging_LogMaxSize to specify a different path and a different maximum size for logging the cleanup tasks activities.

The same log file is used both when you run the tools using BESAdmin and when you schedule them in the RootServer.