Distributing the Updated License and Masthead

When you upgrade BigFix to V10, all existing license certificates are updated to contain both SHA-1 and SHA-256 signatures.

If you are connected to Internet, the message of a new license ready to be distributed to the clients together with the masthead is displayed in the License Overview dashboard after an automatic periodic gather or a manual check.

To force your server to check immediately run the following steps:
  1. Open the BigFix console.
  2. go to the BigFix Management domain.
  3. click the License Overview node
  4. Click Check for license update. You might receive a notification that BigFix deployment has gathered an update to your license (a new license.crt file).

    Note: This message might appear either because HCL needs to update the license or because you requested an update of your license. If you requested an update of your license, you receive a new license.crt file, that you must save on your server computer.

To distribute the updated license, resign the masthead and the objects in the database with both SHA-1 and SHA-256 signatures, run the Administration Tool (./BESAdmin.sh on Linux as super user).

If you are in an air-gapped environment the update of the license is not processed automatically. You can retrieve the license from the HCL site by using the AirgapTool utility. After importing it, you are notified from the License dashboard that a license update is ready to be distributed. You must run the Administration tool (./BESAdmin.sh on Linux) to distribute the updated license, and to resign the masthead and the database objects.

For more information about how to distribute the masthead on the clients see Distributing the masthead from the Windows server to clients and Distributing the masthead from the Linux server to the clients.