BigFix client backward compatibility

Before upgrading the BigFix server to Version 10, ensure that it is at Version 9.5.10 or later.

Complete the upgrade in the following order:
  1. The server.
  2. The relays. If relays are configured in a hierarchy, upgrade the top-level relays before the lower-level relays.
  3. The clients.
If you have a BigFix client with an earlier version than Version 10, consider the following:
  • BigFix clients and relays versions earlier than Version 9.2 are not supported.
  • You might encounter issues when upgrading a Version 9.2 client that has settings whose name or value contain non-ASCII characters. If custom settings with these values exist, check that they have not been altered after upgrading to Version 10.
  • To correctly display reports of clients deployed with different code pages and languages you must have ALL components at least at Version 9.5.