Assigning a relay when the server is unreachable

After you install the client, it connects to and registers with the main BigFix server.

After the client registers with the main server, a master operator can assign the client to a primary relay as well as configure it to fail over to a secondary relay if the primary relay becomes unavailable.

In some cases, when the client is installed, it might be unable to reach the main server directly across the local area network or Internet. For example, if the client workstation is in a remote office and cannot make a connection through the enterprise firewall to reach the main server. In this case you must set up a DMZ relay that has been given access through a hole in the firewall. For more information, see Setting Internet Relays.

You must also deploy the remote office client installer with a configuration file to set the client primary relay during installation. Specify the primary relay in the configuration file to register the client with a relay that it can connect to (such as the DMZ relay). For more information see Assigning Relay at Client Installation Time.