BigFix is a suite of products that provides a fast and intuitive solution for compliance, endpoint, and security management and allows organizations to see and manage physical and virtual endpoints through a single infrastructure, a single console, and a single type of agent.

BigFix provides you with the following capabilities:

  • Single intelligent agent for continuous endpoint self-assessment and policy enforcement.
  • Real-time visibility and control from a single management console.
  • Management of hundreds of thousands of endpoints regardless of location, connection type, or status.
  • Targeting of specific actions to an exact type of endpoint configuration or user type.
  • Management of complexity and cost reduction, increasing accuracy, and boosting productivity.
  • Patch management, software distribution, and OS deployment.
  • Support for heterogeneous platforms.
  • Mobile device management.
  • Automatic endpoint assessment and vulnerability remediation according to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) standards.
  • Real-time protection from malware and other vulnerabilities.
  • Server Automation.

Depending on your business and environment needs, you can choose to implement some or all of these capabilities by buying licenses for the specific products belonging to the suite.

Licensing is done through annual subscription, according to the number of endpoints that are managed and the products that are selected in the suite.

All products are compatible with one another and are accessible from anywhere in your network by using the BigFix console.

Typically, a BigFix installation consists of the following parts: