A sample architecture

A sample architecture helps you to plan your environment.

A typical installation has at least one BigFix server that gathers Fixlets from the internet. These messages can be viewed by the console operator and distributed to the relays, which forward the data on to the clients. Each client inspects its local computer and reports any relevant Fixlets back to the relays, which compress the data and pass it back up to the servers.

The console oversees this activity. It connects to the server and periodically updates its views to reflect changes or new information about your network. When vulnerabilities are discovered, the console operator can target patches or other fixes to the appropriate computers. The progress of the fixes can be followed in near real time as they spread to all the relevant computers and, one by one, eliminate bugs and vulnerabilities.

BigFix is flexible enough to connect to a distant office over a VPN and even allows home-based workers or on-the-road sales staff to connect over the internet to a firewall-protected relay in a DMZ. This simple hierarchy can be extended and deepened to accommodate networks of virtually any size.