Tasks to perform to complete a successful installation.

You can perform the following installation tasks in the Asset Discovery site:

  • Enable the Unmanaged Asset Importer Service on your BigFix server.
  • Designate specific agents as scan points.
  • Run the scan.
Note: To view Unmanaged Assets, you must have the proper permissions set through the Administration Tool. To access the tool, click Start > All Programs > BigFix Enterprise > BES Administration Tool). A user can be granted permission to view all unmanaged assets or only those connected to the Scan Points that they administer.
Note: On Linux platforms, you must install the BES Server Plugin Service to work with the Asset Discovery Fixlets. This plug-in is available on the BigFix Support site.
Note: To allow the Importer service to work correctly, ensure to keep disabled the Data Execution Prevention (DEP) on the Windows system.