Specifying virtual device computers

Before you begin

You must create a custom site or have an existing external site in the BigFix console that you want to use.

About this task

You can use the Computer Subscriptions feature in Sites to limit the computer subscriptions to ESXi Hypervisors or ESXi Hypervisor Virtual Machines only. For more information on Sites, and how to create a Custom Site, see the BigFix Platform Knowledge Center topic:

Creating Custom Sites


  1. In the BigFix console, navigate to All Contents domain and select Sites.
  2. Select the Site of which you want to manage the computer representations and in the Site window, select the Computer Subscriptions tab.
  3. In the The following computers will be subscribed to: area, select "Computers which match the condition below".
  4. From the lists, select Relevance Expression is true and click Edit Relevance.
  5. Add the following relevance to filter the computer representations: in proxy agent context and click OK.
  6. Click the + button if you want to add more relevance expressions.
  7. Add the following relevance to filter the computer representations: ((device type = "ESXi Hypervisor") or (device type = "ESXi Hypervisor Virtual Machine"))
  8. Click OK.


You can now see your filtered list of computer representations in the Subscribed Computers section of your custom site.