Optimizing response time

Starting from 10.0.2, BigFix Inventory uses HTTP streaming for JSON responses. As a result, pagination can be omitted and the whole dataset can be fetched using a single query. The pagination feature is still available and can be used. When using the pagination feature, it is recommended to retrieve the total number of records only once and then iterate over pages.

Avoiding calculation of the number of records returned

When executing an API call, use countSwitch=1 attribute to avoid calculating number of reported rows. To return total number of the rows for an API query, use countSwitch=2 and then retrieve pages of the records.

  1. Retrieve total number of available records.
  2. Retrieve first 10000 records by using the limit parameter.
  3. Retrieve next 10000 records. You can ignore the already retrieved records by using the offset parameter.