Enabling HTTP Access Logging for BigFix Inventory

This task enables the server to log any incoming HTTP request. The task is limited when generic data on HTTP level, such as the remote IP, remote host, time, URL, method, status code, and response size are available.

To enable the access login, perform these steps:
  1. Edit the <BFI Install dir>\wlp\usr\servers\server1\customization.xml and add following configuration:
      <httpEndpoint id='tema'> 
                    logFormat='%a %h %t "%r" URL: %U R-Meth: %m Q: %q Status Code: %s Response Size: %b User: %{BFI-user-hash}o : %{_DSS_session}C'/>
  2. Restart BigFix Inventory Server

    In <BFI Install dir>\wlp\usr\servers\server1\logs\, http_defaultEndpoint_access.log file is created. The file includes the logs for all HTTP calls made towards the application. By default, there are 2 logs each 20 MB. There is no option to set the location, number of files and the files size.