(Optional) Manually running the scans and preparing the results

Available from 9.2.5. After you install the scanner, you use the QSH to initiate the software and capacity scans. Each type of scan creates a different output that must be copied to the final package that is imported to BigFix Inventory.

Before you start the scans, create two directories that will make it easier to manage the scan results.
In this directory, you will store all scan results that you want to include in a single import to BigFix Inventory. After you copy the results to this directory, you must compress and rename it, so that it has the right format. Such a final package is then imported to BigFix Inventory.
In this directory, you will store signatures of all scan results that you copied to the /scans directory. In the case of the ISO tags scan, also the original output file. These files are required for audit purposes to ensure that scan results were not altered.

All details regarding the final package are described later in this document.