Flash Player configuration

About this task

In order for AppScan® to execute Adobe® Flash content during scanning, you must have a supported version of Adobe Flash Player for Internet Explorer installed. In some cases Flash Player Version 10.1 or higher may require configuration to work with AppScan. If you get a message that your Flash Player requires configuration, follow the procedure below.
Note: Without configuration Flash Execution will not run even though the Flash Execution check box (Scan Configuration > Explore Options) is selected.
Note: This procedure requires Administrator permissions.


  1. Close AppScan.
  2. With Administrator permissions, open the folder containing the Flash installation files.
    • For 32-bit systems the path is usually:


    • For 64-bit systems the path is usually:


  3. Look for a file named mms.cfg in the Flash folder. If there is no such file, create an empty TXT file with this name.
  4. Open mms.cfg with a text editor such as Microsoft® Notepad, and search for the entry FullFramerateWhenInvisible
    • If it exists, set its value to 1
    • If it does not exist, add the following line, as a separate line, after any existing content in the file:

      FullFramerateWhenInvisible = 1

  5. Save.

    The Flash Player is now configured for AppScan Flash Execution.