Using GSC

Generic Service Client (GSC) uses your web service's WSDL file to display a simple interface showing the services available, and lets you enter parameters and view the results. Use the GSC interface to explore your web service manually, so that AppScan® can use your input to create appropriate tests.

GSC is used for exploring web services that are defined with a WSDL file. However, if your service does not have a WSDL file, or the service does not utilize SOAP security envelopes, or if you have an application of your own that you want to use for the Explore stage, you can instead use a mobile device, emulator or simulator, with AppScan's in-built External Traffic Recorder configured as a recording proxy (for details see Using AppScan as recording proxy).

To use GSC:
  1. GSC is not installed with AppScan unless you elected to do this during the AppScan Installation. To install GSC, click Scan > Download GSC, and follow the online instructions.
  2. In AppScan, click Scan > Launch GSC
  3. For details, see Exploring web services with GSC.

After you have sent some parameters to the service and received responses, and you close GSC, click Run Tests Only to start an automatic scan based on the input. (This scan is actually a Test stage only, since the Explore stage is completed during your manual exploration using GSC.)

If SSL is used without a client-side certificate, no special configuration of GSC is needed (if you are using the version of GSC supplied with AppScan 8.0). For configuration in the case of CCS, refer to the GSC Information Center, available from the main GSC toolbar.

Note: AppScan remains open while GSC is open, but does not function until GSC is closed.
Note: Some of the functionality described in the GSC Help file may not apply when using it through AppScan.