Issues list right-click menu

The right-click menu in the Issues view result list includes the following options:




Change the Severity value for one or more selected items (select High, Medium, Low, Informational)


Issue state is always Open by default. If for some reason you do not need to relate to certain issues, you can define them as Noise. (Options: Open/Noise)

Copy URL

Copy the URL of a single issue to the cliboard.


Resend one or more selected tests and add the results to the current scan results.

Manual Test

Create a manual test (see Manual tests)


Delete the selected item from the test results (cannot be reinstated)

Set as Non-vulnerable

Set the result as non-vulnerable, so it will not appear in the test results (but can be viewed, and reinstated, from the Non-Vulnerable Variants list, see Non-Vulnerable Variants List)

Report False Positive

Zip and email test information to AppScan® Support or to members of your own organization, see (Report false positive test results)

Generate Issue Information

Populates the Issue Information tab for the selected result only.
Tip: To update Issue Information for all results, select Tools > Generate All Issue Information instead of this option.

Export to CSV

Save the selected issues as a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file to import to other applications.

Generate report

Opens the Report dialog, to create a report for the selected issues only.