Issues: Result list

The Result List displays the issues relevant to the node selected in the Application Tree. If you selected the My Application node, the Result List shows all issues found in your web application.

Issues are grouped by Type. Under each Type, all URLs are listed. Under each URL, all issues are listed. (Individual variants of issues are not shown in the Result List, but can be seen from the Detail pane.)

Each node in the tree has a severity icon, indicating issue severity; and a counter, indicating how many issues of this type were found. In the case of Type and URL, the severity icon indicates the severity of the most severe issue included under the node.

You can change the way the issues are sorted, and you can manipulate their severity value (see Severity levels).

You can designate issues you do not want to deal with currently as Noise, either removing them from the result display altogether, or having them appear with strikethrough (see Issue state: Open or Noise).

The total number of security issues (at the top of the list) is a measure of the vulnerable locations in the site, and depends in part on how site is structured. If you define a content-based structure (see Content-Based Results view), the total number of issues in the application tree may not be the same as it is for the URL-based application tree (for the same results). When site structure is content-based (rather than URL-based), and content-based view is configured correctly, the issue count in content-based view represents more accurately the number of "vulnerable locations" that exist in the site. The total number of variants (at the top of list in parentheses) is independent of site structure, and does not change between content-based and URL-based views.

Incremental scan Result List

For Incremental scans, two number ars shown next to the node in the Result List: Total issues found (a) and total New issues (b), in the format:
[Issue name] (a) b New

Illustration of Issue counters in the Result List for Incremental scans