Extension Manager

Extension Manager lets you add/remove, enable/disable extensions for use with AppScan

Extension Manager (Tools > Extensions > Extension Manager) lists all extensions that have been added.
  • You can add your own extensions.
  • You can enable and disable extensions that are added.
  • You can elect to "Trust" unsigned extensions (for example, extensions you created).



Add Extensions from:

To add a new extension, click and select the source:
  • This Computer, or
  • AppScan eXtensions Framework Page

Enabled check box

Select/deselect the check box to enable/disable the extension. Note that this change only takes effect the next time you open AppScan.

When a new extension is added it is automatically enabled (and this check box selected), unless there is a reason AppScan was unable to do this (such as an incompatible version), or the extensions is not signed.

Trust button

If an unsigned extension is installed, AppScan does not load it, but displays a Trust button next to it. When you open AppScan a pop-up warns you that there are unsigned extensions that are not enabled.

If you are sure the extension can be trusted (for example, if you wrote it yourself), click the Trust button to trust it from now on, and enable it.
Tip: If you have an unsigned extension that you used with a previous version of AppScan, you can either elect to trust it, or click Get More Extensions to see if a signed version is available to replace it (see Replacing unsigned extensions).

The Remove Extension icon

Click to remove an extension.