Searching Results

You can filter the Result List in any of the views, for specific data.


  1. On the toolbar click Find, or press Ctrl + F.

    The Find bar appears at the bottom of the screen.

  2. On the Application Tree, select a node.
    • If you select the My Application node, Find searches through all the results.
    • If you select a node within the tree, Find searches through the selected node and its sub-nodes.
  3. In the Look for text box of the Find bar, enter a string or partial string.
  4. In the Show list, click a data type.
  5. Click Find Now or press Enter.

    Results appear in the Result List, overwriting the list that was previously displayed, and the counters update to show the new number of items in each category. Tabs without results are grayed out.

    If you enter another Find string and click Find Now again, the new search is done on the selected node in the Application Tree, not on the displayed results of the previous search.

    Note: To revert to the full, unfiltered Result List, click Clear.