Starting scans from the Scan Configuration Wizard

About this task

If you use the Scan Configuration Wizard (see Scan Configuration Wizards) to create your scan, the final step of the wizard offers options for starting a scan.


Select an option (see table below), and click Finish.


Click to:

Start a full automatic scan

Start a scan with the configuration you just created in the wizard; start with automatic Explore and proceed automatically to the Test stage.

Start with automatic Explore only

Start the automatic Explore stage of a scan, but do not proceed automatically with the Test stage.

Start with Manual Explore

Open the browser to let you manually explore the application (see Using a browser).

I will start the scan later

Close the wizard without scanning (for example, if you want to further edit the scan configuration before starting the scan, or if you want to start the scan later).

Start Scan Expert when the Scan Configuration wizard is complete

Scan Expert analyzes your configuration and suggests configuration changes to increase scan efficiency. (For more details see Scan Expert)

Select this option to run Scan Expert as soon as you close the wizard.