Scan Multi-Step Operations Only

You can define a multi-step operation and use it to test just that part of the site.

About this task

A multi-step operation is a sequence of requests that must be sent in a particular order to reach certain parts of the application. (For more details, see Multi-Step Operations view.) In some cases these operations may be the only part of the application you want to scan.


  1. Configure the scan, including at least one multi-step operation. (See Multi-Step Operations view.)
  2. (Recommended:) Run Scan Expert to evaluate the configuration. (See Scan Expert.)
  3. Click Scan > Scan Multi-Step Operations Only.

    AppScan® scans the configured operations, following the current Test Policy, and displays the results.

    Note: If there is existiing Explore data, this item is grayed out. In this case you have two options:
    • Click Scan > Test Only to test all existing data, both the Explore data and the Multi-Step Opaerations.
    • To test the Multi-Step Operations only, first clear all other scan data (Scan > Clear all scan data), and then click Scan > Scan Multi-Step Operations Only, which will be active.