Automatic scan save

About this task

You can set AppScan to save data to a .SCAN file automatically during scanning. When this option is selected, AppScan saves both periodically (at an interval you define) and at certain milestones during the scan.


Click Tools > Options > Scan Options tab and select the Automatically Save during Scan check box. You can also adjust the interval between saves.

The running scan will be saved at the interval you selected. It will also be saved:

  • When you start or continue any part of the scan
  • When the Explore stage ends
  • When the Test stage ends

When a new scan starts and auto-save is enabled, a message appears, explaining that the scan needs to be saved because auto-save is turned on.

  • Click Yes to open a Save As dialog box to save the scans
  • Click No to disable the "Automatically save during scan" function for the current scan only
  • Click Disable to disable the "Automatically save during scan" function for this and future scans