View menu

Used to determine how the main window appears and what data is displayed.


Click to:

Security Issues

Display Security Issues view.

Remediation Tasks

Display Remediation Tasks view.

Application Data

Display Application Data view (failed requests, visited URLs, script parameters, and so on).

Arrange By >

Select a sort method for the Result List: Severity/Result/Name.

Select Reverse Order to list results in descending rather than ascending order.

Layout >

Select Horizonl or Vertical layout of the main window panes.

Welcome Screen

Open the AppScan® Welcome Screen.

Show Issues Marked as Noise

Issues AppScan® finds, that are irrelevant in the context of your application, can be marked as Noise. This menu item toggles between displaying such issues with strikethrough text, or not at all. When selected, Noise appears with strikethrough; when deselected, Noise is not shown. See Issue state: Open or Noise

Non-vulnerable Variants

Opens the list of variants that are defined as non-vulnerable. See Non-vulnerable variants

Scan Log

Open the log of all actions performed by AppScan® during the current scan. See AppScan Log

Customize Toolbar >

Select Large Icons to display larger toolbar icons

Select whether the toolbar shows the name of every icon, of selected icons (default), or of none of the icons. (In any case, when you roll your mouse over an icon the tool tip shows its name.)