Main toolbar

The icons on the toolbar offer quick access to frequently used features (that are also available from the menus).



Click to:

Scan icon

Scan >

(Available only if a scan is loaded and configured.) Opens a short Scan menu, with the following options:

Full Scan: Start a full scan (Explore and Test stages) or continue a paused scan.

Explore Only: Run an Explore stage only (or continue an Explore that was paused), without following it with the Test stage.

Test Only: Run a Test stage only (or continue a Test that was paused), without first running an Explore stage. Active only if there are already some Explore results.

Pause icon


(Active only when a scan is running.) Pause current scan (whether Full Scan, Explore Only or Test Only).

You can resume the scan later. You can also save a paused scan to continue at another time.

Manual Explore icon

Manual Explore

Open the browser to the application's URL and manually browse the site, completing required parameters as you go. AppScan will then add this Explore data to its own, automatically collected Explore data, when creating tests for the site. For details see Using a browser.

Configure icon


Open the Scan Configuration dialog box to configure the scan. For details see Scan Configuration Dialog Box.

Report icon


Create a report with the current scan data. For details see Report overview.

Cloud icon

AppScan Connect

Use the current configuration (including results if relevant), to:
  • Create scan in AppScan on Cloud
  • Create scan (job) in AppScan Enterprise
  • Create scan template in AppScan Enterprise
  • Upload scan results to AppScan Enterprise
See Integration with AppScan Enterprise for details.

Scan Log icon

Scan Log

Display the Scan Log during or after a scan. (Lists all actions performed by AppScan during the scan, as they occur.)

PowerTools icon


Open one of the PowerTools, applications supplied with AppScan to help you with various tasks. For details, see PowerTools.

Find icon


Search the results. For details see Searching Results

View Selector

The three icons on the right of the toolbar toggle between the three views: Application Data, Security Issues, and Remediation Tasks.



Click to display:

Data icon

Data view

Application Data view. For details see Application Data

Issues icon

Issues view

Security Issues view. For details see Security Issues

Tasks icon

Tasks view

Remediation Tasks view. For details see Remediation Tasks