Status bar

The Status Bar at the bottom of the main window shows information for the scan that is currently running or loaded.



page icon

Visited Pages: Number of pages visited / Total number of pages to be visited

The second number may increase and then decrease during the scan, as pages are discovered and then rejected as not requiring scanning.

tested page icon

Tested Elements: Number of elements tested / Total number of elements to be tested

The second number will increase during the Explore stage, as elements for testing are discovered. During the Test stage the first number will increase. By the end of the scan the two numbers should be equal.

requests icon

HTTP Requests Sent

This number represents all requests sent, including in-session detection requests, server-down detection requests, login requests, multi-step operations and test requests. During the scan it is therefore an indicator that AppScan is working, but the actual number is not of any particular significance either during or after the scan.

padlock icon

Security Issues

Total number of security issues found, followed by the number in each category: High, Medium, Low, and Informational.