Result List

The results of the scan on your web application are displayed in the Result List. The total number of issues and variants appears at the top of the list.

sample Result list showing the four types of issue

Result List counters

The Result List counters (the numbers in parentheses next to each node) change according to the view you select in the View Selector:

  • Security Issues: Counters indicate the number of issues relevant to the node and all its child nodes.
    Note: The total number of security issues (at the top of the Result List) is a measure of the vulnerable locations in the site, and depends in part on how site is structured. If you define a content-based structure, the total number of issues in the application tree may not be the same as it is for the URL-based application tree (for the same results). When site structure is content-based (rather than URL-based), and content-based view is configured correctly, the issue count in content-based view represents more accurately the number of "vulnerable locations" that exist in the site. The total number of variants (at the top of the Result List in parentheses) is independent of site structure, and does not change between content-based and URL-based views.
  • Remediation Tasks: Counters indicate the number of remediation tasks relevant to the node and all its child nodes.
  • Application Data: No counters.

See also: Content-Based Results view