Report command

The report command loads a specified scan and generates a Security report (for more details, see Security reports).

To run this command, type report, rep, or r at the command prompt, followed by the required command options, as described below. (Base scan and destination parameters are compulsory; other parameters are optional.)



/base_scan | /base | /b <full_path>

Specifies the source scan from which to create the report (must include full path).

/report_file | /rf <full_path>

Specifies the destination and name for the generated report (must include full path).
Tip: If /rt is defined as rc_ase no report file is needed, as the output is published to AppScan Enterprise.

/report_template | /rtemplate| /rtm <CliDefault | GuiDefault | Summary | DetailedReport | Developer | QA | SiteInventory | CustomTemplateName>

Specifies the types of information that will be included in the report.

Default template (if none is specified): CliDefault. This is not identical to the Default template in the Reports dialog box. To use that template, specify GuiDefault.

If you have saved any custom templates, you can specify them too.

For details, see Security reports

/report_type | /rt <xml|xml_report|pdf|rtf|txt|html|rc_ase>

Specifies the format for saving the results or report:

The complete scan results saved as an XML file (this is not a report)
A fully structured report, saved as an XML file
A fully structured report, saved as PDF, RTF, TXT, or HTML
Publishes the output to AppScan Enterprise using the settings defined in File > Export > Publish to AppScan Enterprise > Connection Settings

/ase_application_name | /aan <AppScan Enterprise application name>

Specifies the AppScan Enterprise application to which the report will be published. Used only with /report_type rc_ase

/min_severity | /ms <low|medium|high|informational>

Specifies the minimum result severity to include in reports (non-xml reports only). Default is "Informational", meaning that all severities are included in the report.

/test_type|/tt <All | Application | Infrastructure | ThirdParty>

Specifies which type of tests to include in the report. Default is "All".


The following flags can be included in the report command.



/verbose | /v

Include progress lines in the output.

Example 1

This command will publish the results of the specified base scan to AppScan Enterprise.
-base_scan  "D:\"
-report_type rc_ase

Example 2

This command will start a scan with the specified starting URL, using the Regular Scan template.
-base_scan  "D:\"
-report_file D:\SecurityReport.pdf
-report_type pdf
-min_severity "informational"