Delta analysis report command

The delta analysis report command compares two sets of scan results (for details, see Delta Analysis reports).

To run this command, type delta_analysis_report, delta_report, or dar at the command prompt, followed by the required command options, as described below.



/base_scan | /base | /b <full_path>

Specifies the source scan from which to create the report (must include full path).

/target_scan | /target | /ts <full_path>

Specifies the target scan with which the base scan will be compared (must include full path).

/report_file | /rf <full_path>

Specifies the destination and name for the generated report (must include full path).

/report_type | /rt <xml|pdf|rtf|txt|html>

Specifies the format for saving the report.


The following flags can be included in the report command.



/verbose | /v

Include progress lines in the output.

This command will produce an XML report comparing the results of the two specified scans.
-b  "D:\demo.testfire.net_1.scan"
-ts  "D:\demo.testfire.net_2.scan"
-rf D:\DeltaAnalysisReport.xml
-rt xml_report