Scans stopped due to connectivity issues

A scan may be stopped due to connection problems between AppScan and the server it is scanning, or between AppScan and the local web proxy server.

When a connection problem is detected, a 90 second countdown begins while AppScan® waits for the problem to be fixed. If the problem is fixed during the countdown, the Scan Notice Panel disappears and the scan resumes.

If there is a communication problem, the Notice panel shows the message:

Trying to connect to: <IP> Explore/Test stops in <n>
  • The IP address shown is the IP of the scanned server, the IP of the proxy (if the connection problem is with the web proxy), or a list of IPs, if the scan is connecting to multiple servers and more than one are down.
  • The number <n> is the 90 second countdown.
  • If the problem is not fixed by the time the countdown reaches zero, the scan stops.
  • After the problem is fixed, you can continue the scan where it left off (Scan > Continue) or redo the scan (Scan > Re-scan).