Creating custom reports

In the Report Editor, you create report templates used to generate custom reports.

An AppScan® Source Findings Report or AppScan® Source report may not provide the exact data that you need; you may require that your report contains more or less information. The AppScan® Source for Analysis Report Editor allows you to create custom reports.

Typically, you create a custom report when you must:

  • Produce a report that maps to and reports on a unique security policy. You first create a custom report, and then apply the report to a specific assessment.
  • Define and produce a report to highlight unique findings and characteristics.
  • Modify or add to an existing report.

When you save the report template to <data_dir>\reports (where <data_dir> is the location of your AppScan® Source program data, as described in Installation and user data file locations), the report is available for assessments of any application. When saved to the directory of a particular application, the report is available for scans of that application or any of its projects.

Before you begin creating or editing an AppScan® Source report, familiarize yourself with the report types and the elements that comprise each report. When you create a custom report, you can map report elements in any order. Report elements include finding information, code snippets, traces, and remediation content, as well as text and graphical elements.