The Automation Server configuration file

The ounceautod configuration file, ounceautod.ozsettings, specifies the properties for the Automation Server daemon. The ounceautod.ozsettings file resides in <data_dir>\config (where <data_dir> is the location of your AppScan® Source program data, as described in Installation and user data file locations).

The ounceautod.ozsettings file contains these properties:

Property Value Description
1 (Default) Number of concurrent requests allowed.
ounceautod_accept_ssl true (Default) Automatically accept SSL certificates. For more information, see AppScan Enterprise Server SSL certificates.
ounceautod_port 13205 (Default) Port number on which to run ounceautod.
Note: The port value in this setting must match the port setting in the ounceauto.ozsettings file in <data_dir>\config.
ounceautod_server_hostname <hostname>:port Host name of the computer on which AppScan® Enterprise Server was installed and the port on which it runs on that computer.

If this file is modified, you must restart the Automation Server service (described in AppScan Source for Automation).