Configuring license settings manually

Most licensing for AppScan® Source is handled by the License Manager. Through the License Manager, you can configure licensing using a cloud or local license server, or a proxy server. You can configure license settings manually either by editing the license.ozsettings config file directly or running the licensemanager.bat script with parameters.

Editing the license.ozsettings config file

The license configuration file, license.ozsettings, specifies properties for how licenses are managed for HCL® AppScan® Source. The license.ozsettings file resides in <data_dir>\config (where <data_dir> is the location of your AppScan® Source program data, as described in Installation and user data file locations). You can use the command line to edit the file.

On the rare occasions that you must edit the license.ozsettings file directly, the file directs licensing with these properties:
Property Default Value Description
license_borrow_interval 24 The inactivity interval, in hours, for which AppScan® Source retain a license. The minimum is 24 hours and the maximum is 168 hours. When a license is inactive for the specified number of hours, the license is released back to the license server for use by another instance of the product.
license_instance_id n/a If using a cloud license server, the instance ID of the cloud instance.
license_server_name hclsoftware Cloud or local license server name. hclsoftware is the default cloud license server name. If you are using a local license server, the name must match exactly the local host name for which the license server certificate was generated.
license_server_port n/a If using a local license server, the port on which the server is located.
license_type CLS AppScan® Source license type:
  • CLS: Cloud license server
  • LLS: Local license server
license_use_ssl true When connecting to a local license server, specify whether to use SSL or non-SSL protocols:
  • true: HTTPS (SSL)
  • false: HTTP (non-SSL)
You must restart the License Manager after making edits to the license.ozsettings file.
Note: Take care to ensure there are no extra spaces in any parameter value.

Running the licensemanager.bat script

Use licensemanager.bat at the command line.

To configure proxy server details to connect through to access the license server. This must be configured first:
licensemgr.bat -configure -proxy -host <proxyHost> -port <proxyPort> [-user <username> -password <password>]
  • -host: Specifies proxy server hostname.

  • -port: Specifies proxy server port.

  • -user: Optional. Specifies username to connect to proxy server.

  • -password: Optional. Specifies password to connect to proxy server.

To configure AppScan® Source with cloud license information:
licensemgr.bat -configure -type CLS -serverId <serverId> [-acceptCert]
  • -serverId: Specifies cloud license server ID.

  • -acceptCert: Optional. If provided, accepts certificate to connect to license server.

To configure AppScan® Source with local license information:
licensemgr.bat -configure -type LLS -server <serverHost> -port <serverPort> [-acceptCert]
  • -server: Specifies local license server hostname.

  • -port: Specifies local license server port.

  • -acceptCert: Optional. If provided, accepts certificate to connect to license server.

To import a node-locked license file:
licensemgr.bat -absolutelyNoUI -importLicenseFile licensefile.bin
  • -absolutelyNoUI: Specifies license import will not use the user interface.
  • -importLicenseFile: Specifies that the license file is imported from the subsequent named file.
  • licensefile.bin: The name of the license file to import.