Creating a cloud license server

To create cloud license server:
  1. Log into theHCL Software FlexNet Operations Portal using the email address that appears in your invitation.
    Note: If this is your first login, reset your password.
  2. Create a new cloud license device: Devices > Devices.
  3. Click the Runs license server? check box.
  4. From the Server Deployment radio buttons, click Cloud, then Save
  5. In the View Server page, copy the License Server ID, and save it to use later in the AppScan Source License Manager.
  6. Select Actions > Map Entitlements to assign licences to the cloud license server:
To configure a cloud or local license server using the command line interface:
  1. From a command line, move to the location of the licensemgr utility in the installation path:
    • On Windows, the default file location is <SYSTEM DRIVE>:\Program Files\HCL\AppScanSource\bin
    • On Linux, the default file location is /opt/hcl/appscansource/bin
  2. Specify either cloud or local license as part of the comand:
    • To configure a cloud license server, type licensemgr -configure -type CLS -instance <instance_Id> [-acceptCert]
      • <instance_Id> specifies the unique identifier for the cloud license server (CLS) instance. Required.
      • -acceptCert accepts the certificate to connect to license server. Optional.
    • To configure a local license server, type licensemgr -configure -type LLS -server <serverHost> -port <serverPort> [-acceptCert]
      • -server specifies the hostname of the license server.
      • -port specifies the local license server port.
      • -acceptCert accepts the certificate to connect to license server. Optional.