Requirements and prerequisites

Requirements and prerequisites for successful data migration.

Please note the following conditions for successful migration of data from SolidDB or Oracle to AppScan® Database Service:
  • For exporting data, the migration utility must be placed in the AppScan® Source installation path.
    • Windows:
      C:\Program Files\HCL\AppScanSource\migration_util_win
    • Linux
    Note: As of version 10.0.7, AppScan® Source has an updated installation path. However, upgrading from version 10.0.6 or earlier will retain the original install path.
  • For importing data, the migration utility can be placed in any location on any system as long as it is visible and accessible to AppScan® Enterprise and exported data can be accessed from that location.
  • Import data into a fresh install of AppScan® Enterprise. Importing data using the migration utility will overwrite any and all AppScan® Source-related data in the AppScan® Enterprise server.
  • Before importing data, verify that AppScan® Enterprise has been configured to use the AppScan® Database Service. See AppScan® Enterprise configuration for additional information.
  • Data can be exported from any version of AppScan® Source configured with SolidDB/Oracle.