Using the AppScan® Source database migration utility

The AppScan® Source migration utility helps you transfer content from the AppScan® Source database to AppScan® Enterprise.

AppScan® Source deprecated the use of a database (SolidDB or Oracle) in version 10.0.2. Data previously stored in the database is now managed in AppScan® Enterprise.

This migration utility is available for both Windows and Linux installations. You can also migrate data manually.

The utility migrates data in two major steps:
  • Exporting data from the system on which the AppScan® Source "server" and database is installed.
    • Published assessments can be exported selectively based on start and end date, thus limiting content migrated to AppScan® Enterprise.
    • Other content is exported in their entirety:
      • Scan configurations
      • Filters
      • User-created (custom) VDB rules
      • PBSA rules.
    • User information is exported for reference only; it is not considered for import.
    • Audit logs are not exported or otherwise considered for migration.
  • Importing onto any system with access to the exported content:
    • The import system must have access to the exported data, wherever it may reside.
    • The import system must have access to an instance of AppScan® Enterprise Server configured with the AppScan® Database Service.