Creating a custom or silent installation

AppScan® Source includes a graphical Installation Configuration Wizard that an administrator can use to create a silent (noninteractive) installation or a custom graphical installation.

When the administrator runs the installer to create a custom installation, a new configuration properties file is generated. This properties file is then available for use by the AppScan® Source installer.

The Installation Configuration Wizard can modify an existing configuration file or create a new configuration file. The wizard provides the ability to customize the installation by defining:

  • If the installation is interactive or silent.
  • Available components for installation (available for interactive installations only).
  • Default component selection (available for interactive installations only).
  • Which components are mandatory or automatically installed.
  • Default installation folder.
  • Default language packs to install.
  • The license file or license server to be used.
  • User account to be used by AppScan® Source for Automation (if it is selected as a component or available component for installation).
Note: If you create a custom silent installation, it will not succeed when running on any Turkish language locale (for example, tr and tr_TR).