Example: Install AppScan® Source silently through an Installation Framework

This example illustrates how you might deploy a silent installation.

About this task

An Information Technology (IT) department wants to install the v client components silently through their installation framework.

Before creating the client custom installation, the AppScan® Source administrator deploys the installation files to a file server to which the installation framework has access. The IT department also identifies the different installation configurations based on the various AppScan® Source components that each type of user requires.

To install AppScan® Source with a custom silent installation:


  1. The IT department copies the appropriate contents either from the AppScan® Source installation CD or from an FTP download onto the file server.
  2. IT uses the Custom Installation Wizard to create the required installation configuration files for each required installation type, such as AppScan® Source for Development and AppScan® Source for Analysis.
  3. IT places the configuration files in a shared public folder.
  4. IT configures the installation framework to recognize the AppScan® Source installation and associates appropriate command line calls and installation configurations into the installation framework.
  5. The user checks for updates through the installation framework client (on the desktop) and the appropriate (user-specific) AppScan® Source product displays in the list for installation.
  6. The user initiates installation through the installation framework client.
  7. AppScan® Source silently installs on the user's desktop computer.


After this installation:

  • The appropriate AppScan® Source products are installed on the desktop and configured to connect to theAppScan® Enterprise Server.
  • The license file is copied to the target computer.