Search Results view

When you search findings, the results appear in the Search Results view.

In this view, you can

  • Sort findings
  • Edit code in an internal or external editor
  • Set the vulnerability type
  • Promote suspect and scan coverage findings to definitive
  • Set severity level
  • Annotate findings
  • Exclude specific findings
  • Perform subsequent searches

When using the view in AppScan® Source for Analysis, you can also:

  • Add findings to bundles
  • Submit defects to defect tracking systems or email findings
  • Generate findings reports

The Search Results view contains only the items that match the search criteria and maintains a maximum of five search results. For example, if you search in the Search Results view for a Vulnerability Type of Buffer Overflow and then for a Classification of Definitive, the search result is the intersection of both searches.

The search criteria appears in the Search field, as a representation of the search as "<keyword>" in <originating_view>: <fields searched>, such as "shutdown" in Findings [Context, API, Method]. If you close the current assessment, all search results are discarded and the Search field displays contains the text, No Current Search.