Opening and saving assessments

AppScan® Source scans source code for vulnerabilities and produces findings. Findings are the vulnerabilities identified during a scan, and the result of a scan is an assessment. You can open a saved assessment from AppScan® Source for Development or AppScan® Source for Analysis. After you scan, you can save the assessment to a file. Then you can open the assessment again at any time. Assessments are saved as filename.ozasmt.

Before you begin

Note: You must have Save Assessments permission to be able to save assessments. To learn about setting permissions, see the HCL® AppScan® Source Installation and Administration Guide.


  • To open an assessment, choose Security Analysis > HCL AppScan Source > Open > Open Assessment from the main menu and then select the assessment file (filename.ozasmt) to open and click OK.
  • To save the current assessment, choose one of these menu options from the main menu,
    • Security Analysis > HCL AppScan Source > Save > Save Assessment
    • Security Analysis > HCL AppScan Source > Save > Save Assessment As
    and then create a file name with a .ozasmt extension and click OK. A confirmation message appears.

    When saving an assessment, AppScan® Source for Development writes absolute paths to the assessment file to reference items such as source files. These absolute paths may cause difficulty in sharing the file on another computer that has a different directory structure. To be able to create portable assessment files, you should create a variable (see Creating variables).