Submitting defects to Rational Team Concert

You can submit bundles with one or more findings to Rational Team Concert - or you can submit individual findings. The first time you submit a finding from AppScan® Source for Analysis to Rational Team Concert, you must log in with your username and password. If you want to configure the preset field values that will be used during submission, you can do so in the Rational Team Concert preferences.

About this task

When you submit a bundle to Rational Team Concert, the work item number is associated with the specific findings in the bundle, rather than the bundle itself. This ensures that you can manipulate the bundle further while preserving the association of specific findings to work item numbers.


  1. Select the finding or findings in the table, or open the bundle. (If you open the bundle, select the bundle findings to submit.)
  2. Right-click the selection and choose Submit Defect > Dispatch to Rational Team Concert from the menu.
  3. The submission dialog box will then guide you through the process, including login, if necessary, and filling in required attributes.
    Note: When you connect to Rational Team Concert (by configuring preferences or submitting defects), you may be prompted to accept an SSL certificate. See Rational Team Concert SSL certificates for more information.


A bundle will be automatically added to the submitted work item that can then be opened at a later time by a user of AppScan® Source for Analysis or AppScan® Source for Development.