Rational Team Concert SSL certificates

When a Rational Team Concert server is installed, it should be configured to use a valid SSL certificate. If this is not done, you will receive an untrusted connection message when logging in to the server (while configuring preferences or submitting defects). This topic outlines Rational Team Concert SSL certificate considerations.

SSL certificate storage location

Certificates that have been permanently accepted are stored in <user_home>/.jazzcerts (where <user_home> is your operating system home directory (for example, on Windows, the directory might be C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\)). Removing <user_home>/.jazzcerts deletes all stored certificates for AppScan® Source and Rational Team Concert clients.

SSL certificate sharing with Rational Team Concert clients

AppScan® Source shares its certificate store with Rational Team Concert clients. If you permanently accept a certificate using a Rational Team Concert client, it will be reused by AppScan® Source (you will not be prompted in AppScan® Source to accept a certificate). Similarly, if you permanently accept a certificate in AppScan® Source, it will be reused by Rational Team Concert clients.