Quality Center preferences

You must first enable HP Quality Center as a General Defect Tracking System preference and then set the individual preference on the Quality Center tab.

Server URL

The Quality Center Server URL - for example, http://<hostname>:<port>/qcbin/ or https://<hostname>:<port>/qcbin/.

User Name (Optional)

A user name to log in to Quality Center

Password (Optional)

If you entered a user name, enter the password for it


The Quality Center domain to which to connect.


The Quality Center project to which to connect


When true, AppScan® Source does not prompt for login information when submitting findings, and logs in with the default credentials specified in the Preferences. When false, you must log in each time you submit a finding to Quality Center.


When true, the dialog box that is used for submitting new defects does not appear when submitting findings. AppScan® Source for Analysis uses the Default Defect Properties specified in the Preferences. When false, a prompt appears requesting that you enter defect information (Severity, Priority, Defect Type, Status, and so forth) when submitting findings.

Resubmit previously-submitted findings

Findings submitted to Quality Center are tagged with Quality Center defect information (Defect ID, submitting user, and submission date). By default, AppScan® Source does not resubmit the same finding more than once. This allows you to dispatch multiple findings to Quality Center, only entering new findings in the Quality Center database. When selected (true), previously submitted findings can be resubmitted to Quality Center.

Submit each finding as an individual bug

When submitting multiple findings in a single operation, you can either submit all findings as a single Quality Center defect or as a separate Quality Center defect for each individual AppScan® Source finding. Selecting this check box sets the flag to true, creating a separate Quality Center defect for each individual finding. Setting the flag to false creates one Quality Center defect for all findings submitted as part of a bulk submission.

Auto Generate Bug Summary

When true, AppScan® Source automatically generates a defect summary for the submission in Quality Center. The summary indicates the number of findings included in the defect and the type of findings included, such as Validation.Required.

When false, the Summary field appears for you to complete when submitting the defect in the dialog box that opens when you create a new defect.

Auto Load Bug Fields

Default setting is true. When the check box is selected, AppScan® Source automatically loads defect field definitions from the Quality Center database, based on the current user and group settings in Quality Center. When false, AppScan® Source does not display defect fields from Quality Center in the dialog box that opens when you create a new defect.

Default Defect Properties

To set default values for the different Quality Center defect attributes, click Default Defect Properties on the Quality Center preference tab.The default values either pre-populate the New Defect dialog box at submission time, or they are sent to Quality Center silently if the Auto-submit preference is selected.

Note: Defect properties and their available values are pulled dynamically from Quality Center each time the Defect Properties dialog box appears if Auto Load Bug Fields is selected. Therefore, any new fields and values added to the Quality Center database automatically appear in AppScan® Source for Analysis. Valid server, login, and connection information is required to open and populate the Defect Properties dialog box with Quality Center information.