Scan configurations

Scan configurations are used when launching scans and can often lead to better scan results. AppScan® Source includes built-in scan configurations, which can be accessed in server mode or local mode. In addition, custom scan configurations can be created in AppScan Source for Analysis and shared to the AppScan Enterprise Server - and accessed from AppScan Source for Development in server mode.

About this task

When a scan configuration has been chosen in Scan Configuration dialog box, it is used for all scan actions. When you first install AppScan Source, Normal scan is the default scan configuration. Follow the instructions in this topic for setting a different scan configuration to be used for scanning:


  1. Select Security Analysis > Configure Scan > Security Scan Configuration from the main menu.
  2. Select HCL AppScan Source > Configure Scan from the main menu.
  3. The list of available scan configurations opens in the Scan Configuration dialog box. If you are using AppScan Source for Development in local mode, the list will include built-in scan configurations and any scan configurations that you may have saved locally. If you are using AppScan Source for Development in server mode, the list will also include shared scan configurations.
  4. Select a scan configuration and click OK.


The scan configuration that has been chosen in the Scan Configuration dialog box will be used when launching all scans.