Intelligent Findings Analytics (IFA)

Learn about auto-triage and analysis of findings from AppScan® Source.

Introducing Intelligent Findings Analytics (IFA)

Intelligent Finding Analytics (IFA) is a novel new way to absorb the findings of SAST tools so that you can more efficiently form an action plan for resolution based on those findings.

IFA identifies the most actionable findings from an SAST security assessment. IFA defines as actionable as both real vulnerabilities and also findings that have a higher probability of exploit. IFA is 95-98% accurate when discovering whether or not a finding is indeed actionable.

Reductions of 98-99% of the original finding counts are common when applying IFA to SAST analysis; this reduces the workload for not just finding security issues, but resolving them as well. Application of IFA to SAST findings typically turns a security assessment with 10k findings down to a few hundred for humans to review.