Troubleshooting security test policies

This topic addresses troubleshooting techniques for security test policies.

How do I update the security test policy in AppScan® Enterprise Server that I exported from AppScan?

You must update the settings in AppScan and then re-import the policy file into AppScan Enterprise Server.

There are tests we were using in AppScan that are not in my security test policy in AppScan Enterprise Server. Why?

Because AppScan updates daily, and AppScan Enterprise Server updates through periodic service packs, there might be times when new rules available in AppScan will not be executed in AppScan Enterprise Server. This is because AppScan Enterprise Server can only run the test rules it knows about, so if there is a rule version difference between the two products, the rules from AppScan will be saved in AppScan Enterprise Server's database, and when the versions are equal (perhaps through a service pack), they will be executed.

I can't import a security test policy from AppScan. Why not?

Check the version of AppScan you're using; you can only import security test policy files from AppScan 7.5 or higher.