Upgrading the AppScan Source LDAP connection with an Oracle database

If you are changing LDAP settings (such as the server name or alias name) or if you are moving the AppScan® Enterprise Server to another computer, you must update the asc.properties file to reflect those changes.


  1. Stop the AppScan Enterprise Server services.
  2. Edit the file <install-dir>\AppScan Enterprise\Liberty\usr\servers\ase\config\asc.properties.
  3. Set the value of core.db.oracle.jdbc.connection.string to the appropriate connection string for the new server.
    For example, ldap://oid:389/r7sol001,cn=OracleContext,dc=company,dc=com
  4. Make sure that the value of core.db.oracle.jdbc.connection.string is set to the appropriate alias..
    For example, r7sol001
  5. Save the changes and restart the AppScan Enterprise Server services.