Re-importing advanced security test policies

For those times when you must re-import a security test policy file from AppScan® Standard, you can re-import it without affecting your workflow.

About this task

There might be times when you must re-import a security test policy file, including:

  • you've assigned the test policy to users who are currently using it on scan jobs
  • test policy rule versions have updated in AppScan Standard and you would like to use them in AppScan Enterprise

To avoid having to reassign security permissions on the test policy, and to avoid affecting jobs that are currently using the security test policy, you can re-import it from AppScan without affecting your workflow. Otherwise, you must delete the test policy in AppScan Enterprise and create a new one, compromising any job that references the deleted policy.

  1. Apply updates in AppScan Standard and then close AppScan Standard.
  2. Reopen AppScan and export the test policy as a .policy file.
  3. Re-import the security test policy into AppScan Enterprise.